#write31days – unconventional dignity (day 14)

I don’t have any words today. So I’ll share some that blessed me:

“Consider Sarah’s servant, whom Sarah drove from her home. Hagar went into hiding (Genesis 16:4-6). In verse 8, the angel of the Lord addressed the maidservant, who in turn gave a name to the Lord (v. 13): ‘You are the God who sees me.’ This is remarkable. The God of the universe addresses Hagar, a supposedly lowly servant, calling her by name. Dr. Bruce Waltke, professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary states: ‘Of the many thousands of ancient Near Eastern texts, this is the only instance where a deity, or his messenger, calls a woman by name and thereby invests her with exalted dignity. Hagar is the Old Testament counterpart to the Samaritan woman (see John 4): both are women, both are not of Abraham’s family, both are at a well and both are sinners, yet God treats both with compassion, gives them special revelations and bestows on them unconventional dignity.” (Nurturing the Nations, p. 195)


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