11 things I learned in February

1. Jordan should be responsible for all selfies. Case and point:

2. Costco shopping just got a lot easier. (Despite how non-thrilled Adrienne looks here, she was pretty disappointed at Target this morning when Max couldn’t sit next to her. Now if only it would stop being a million degrees below zero I could actually leave his carseat in the car.)

3. When all else fails, put Adrienne in the crib with Max. They both think it’s the greatest thing of all time. (Until Adrienne tries to climb out and steps on his head. But that’s beside the point.)

4. This was my favorite book in elementary school. I can actually picture the carpet in my second grade classroom where I sat when my teacher read it for the first time. I bought it to read to Hadley’s Kindergarden class for “I love to read” month. It reminded me of some important things: a) I used to have an imagination. b) I love books. c) My {mini-me} daughter has an imagination and a love for books. d) We should be friends.

5. I hate crafts, but when I embrace imperfection, I actually enjoy art projects. We are slowly filling our home with {imperfect} things we made.

6. I still love palm trees. I think I saw my first palm tree on a trip to Florida with my friend Evan as a freshman in high school. I am fairly certain I took a picture by every palm tree we saw. I’m also fairly certain they wanted to throw my camera out the window by the time the trip was done.

7. These smiles are the best. {Even if they’re loud.}

8. I want to be Sally Lloyd-Jones when I grow up.

9. Curious George solves a lot of problems. Judge away. Some days, you just do what you have to.

10. Packing with a 2-year-old present is futile.

11. After my last post, where I pondered the balance between resting and striving, my husband quoted someone (I think Michael Horton) saying, “God doesn’t need our good works, our neighbors do.” It was so good and profound and the explanation I was looking for! So the lesson is, when I’m pondering something, I should just ask my husband. 🙂

{I stumbled upon Emily Freeman’s blog recently and posted this as part of her “What We Learned” link-up.}


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  1. Such darling kids!! I love palm trees too. We lived for 2 years in Texas when I was a child and had a palm tree in our yard. I missed it so much when we moved away.