The One who made us has come to live among us!

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This line from Sally Lloyd-Jones’ Christmas book, Song of the Stars has been echoing in my head these past few days. Though there hasn’t been time to do much reading (except children’s books) or writing, the wonder of the incarnation feels fresh and awe-inspiring as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.

Jesus was “pleased with us in flesh to dwell.” Isn’t that something? He came to save us, but first, “he had to be one of us.” (Elyse Fitzpatrick, Found in Him)

So instead of scrambling to finish up blog drafts, I’m going to enjoy some unplugged days with my family. Merry Christmas from the Dahls!

Give heed, my heart, lift up thine eyes!
What is it in yon manner lies?
Who is this child, so young and fair?
The blessed Christ-child lieth there.
Welcome to earth, Thou noble Guest,
Through whom the sinful world is blest!
Thou com’st to share my misery;
What thanks shall I return to Thee?
(Martin Luther, quoted in Found in Him)