weekend reading

Choose Hospitality. I love Jen Wilkin’s humility in this post, and the contrast she makes between entertaining and hospitality.

Reflections While Sitting Under the Preached Word, from Aimee Byrd. “We can hold fast because Christ is the One who truly holds fast to us.”

The Value of Long-Term Struggle. Wendy Alsup has good thoughts here. “[A thorn in the flesh] seems like something that is going to keep you from doing the things for the Lord you thought you would do. But really, it does the exact opposite.”

A Book Review, also from Wendy Alsup. I haven’t read the book, but since it’s a bestseller, I’m guessing it will make the rounds.

Take from this what you will. I thought it was worth a ponder.

Are you an internet busy-body?

Any recommendations for me? Happy weekend!