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I like to read. And I like to share quality reading. So I thought I’d join the blogging masses with my own list of recommended reading I’ve enjoyed throughout the week. (Or in this case, past several weeks.)

Church, We Have a Problem: Pastor Tullian Tchividjan responds to the question of “too much grace” in the church today. Along these same lines, here is a response to a critical review of Pastor Tchividjan’s new book, One Way Love. I haven’t actually read the book, though I hope to (and Jordan and I are planning to attend the One Way Love conference in Ft. Lauderdale in February), but the thoughts in this review regarding the “one-way” nature of God’s love were good for my heart to ponder.

5 Minutes: I’m reading Michael Kelley’s book, Boring, right now, and I’m glad it led me to his blog. Appreciated this: “Chances are, that kid who is standing there with the coloring book or the snotty nose or the football or the aspiration to the world’s most incredible game of tag imaginable isn’t really asking me for two hours; he or she is really asking me for five minutes.”

This was a sweet metaphor that reminded me that where I fix my eyes makes all the difference in how I persevere. (I don’t endorse this blog wholeheartedly but I have appreciated some of their thoughts.)

Here is a good word from Christina Fox on a mother’s idols.

This plea to pastors and elders should cause us all to stop in our tracks and consider how discerning we are when it comes to what we read.

This article from John Piper kind of made the rounds. But in case you missed it: Parents, Require Obedience Of Your Children.

This will bless you. “Don’t begrudge obscurity, don’t avoid opportunity, don’t underrate faithfulness.”

Any recommendations for me?

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