embrace the chaos

It’s been awhile since I’ve done some bullet points, and sometimes that’s the best way to get blogging again. So here we go.


This lovely hashtag was introduced to me by Kimm Crandall, author of Christ in the ChaosThere are only a couple of books I would like to buy by the box-full and distribute freely, and this is one of them. Mother or not, this book will help you see the Gospel intersect real life. After reading it himself, my husband even concluded, “Everyone should read this book!” That says a lot. Just saying.

The point is, it’s our new real life. Chaos, that is. Chaos like dinner is burning and the baby and toddler are screaming while the 5-year-old is in the middle of her [14th] story and doesn’t seem to notice that everyone else (mom included) is falling apart. Chaos as in messy floors and way too much laundry. Chaos as in a sinful mama with a chaotic heart who needs to run to Jesus pretty much every. second. of every. day. You know, that kind of chaos. But we’re embracing it. The transition to three children wasn’t exactly a graceful one. But I’m learning that Jesus isn’t just in the peaceful, my-coffee-is-still-hot-and-the-house-is-still-sleeping quiet time. He’s in the chaos too, ready to be Perfect Peace in my crazy storm.

And he loves me. Chaos and all.

Meet Maximus Reed.

At 7 weeks old, this poor little guy hasn’t even graced the blog yet. He’s the most mellow baby I’ve ever encountered. He eats well, sleeps well, poops well (isn’t that what babies do?). He’s generally content and starting to get smiley. And man, he’s cute.

And then there are these two.

Oh, these two.


So much energy. So many words (some more resembling English than others). They each need their own post to really get at their unique sweet-crazy-mischievousness.

Foster care reflections.

I realize I shared pretty openly about getting licensed for foster care and then fell silent on the subject. It was quite a year. We only had a couple of placements, one that lasted a couple of months, and it was hard. The winter was long, I was pregnant and exhausted, the kids were struggling, and it felt like our house was falling apart (literally). Eventually, we decided to step back and regroup as a family, and we’re still kind of there. We completed our relicensing a few weeks ago and just received our new license in the mail, but we’re not clear on how we will move forward right now. We are passionate about foster care and adoption and believe we are called to be a part of it. And we know that God equips us for whatever he calls us to do. But we also want to be good stewards of the little hearts he has already entrusted to us. We know, however, that we will never do that perfectly, nor will we “arrive” at parenting our kids and so be “ready” to parent others’. So we’re still in the middle of that wrestle. We certainly welcome prayer and counsel as we consider how to proceed.

This little blog.

I’ve got plans for this little blog. But I also have plans to stop being such a distracted mother. Fortunately there is abundant grace for when I fail at both. But I hope there is more to come.


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And this man.

The grown-up one.

I love him. That’s not new. But just had to throw it in there.

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  1. Congrats on the precious baby boy!!