snowed in and pretty kites

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I saw this shirt at Kohl’s and fell in love:

I don’t know if it was the never-ending winter and it made me think so much of spring, or if it’s my love for kites stemming from a combination of Mary Poppins and Kappa Alpha Theta. But I thought it was pretty. And would have bought it on the spot except the only available sizes were 3T and 4T and my littlest is still sporting 18-24 months. So I sighed and walked away and checked every time I came back to the store just in case they had restocked. And then I finally just caved and bought the 3T. Because surely a size-18-month can fill out a 3T? And it’s so cute. And springy.

And then I realized that a 15 month old just will not grow into a 3T over the course of the summer. And that the shirt is white. And me and white do not get along. So I sighed again and tried to think of any little girls in my life who could wear a 3T because it was just too cute to pass up.

I know I’m sounding a little obsessed over a toddler shirt. I don’t know why I loved it so much. I guess after a winter of redefining the words “snowed in,” the thought of a kite flapping in the spring wind just made me happy:

So yesterday we took the shirt back to Kohls. And stopped at Hobby Lobby so that we could come home and make this:

It’s no Osh Kosh. But I don’t need to intentionally shrink it and it will likely avoid spaghetti sauce stains. And a pretty kite seems fitting for a little girls’ bedroom, especially in a state that gives you winter for half the year.

The end.