Oh, Hadley. She’s like a grown-up trapped in a child’s body. And then she is so completely 5. I’ve had these random lines I wanted to write down to remember just how sweet (and hilarious) this big girl of mine is. A few Hadley-isms:

1. The other day as we were driving home from preschool, Hadley recounted to me something that had happened that day. “Mrs. Fuchs [her teacher] had bad news and good news today,” she informed me, quite matter-of-fact. “The bad news was that some people weren’t coloring in the lines, so we had to do coloring for our center activity today. But the good news is…I LOVE TO COLOR!”

2. Hadley came out in her pajamas at Grandma Tracie’s house. They were Disney princess pajamas, which she announced were Christmas pajamas. I pushed back: “They’re not actually Christmas pajamas, though you did get them for Christmas.” But Hadley insisted, “I’m a daughter of God, the King, which makes me a princess and these are princess pajamas, and God’s Son Jesus was born on Christmas, so these are Christmas pajamas.”

3. We had a respite foster care placement one weekend for a 3 year old and 5 year old. Hadley really enjoyed having them and when I asked her how it was going, she burst into tears and told me, “I don’t ever want them to leave!” Oh man. I told her that it was okay to pray that God would grow our family and give her more brothers or sisters. She perked up and looked at me and declared, “I want 3 brothers. Then we can play princesses and one can be the king, one can be the prince, and one can be the knight.”

4. The last one that comes to mind is this – Hadley is a touch girl. It is definitely her love language. It is also definitely not mine. I struggle with having people constantly hang on me, yet it seems to be the reality of being a mom, at least to these two little girls. One day when I had had enough hanging, I told Hadley, “Some people don’t like to be hugged all the time.” She looked at me, big brown eyes, genuinely confused and asked, “WHY?!!”

Love that girl.

Here are some pictures I never posted from her birthday in December. Opening presents with us on her birthday –    

Celebrating that night with our Missional Community (I hate that this picture is blurry but I still thought it was a sweet picture of how loved she is by these friends) –

And a “Fairy Princess Banquet” complete with my new favorite thrift store find (china!) and sleepover with Graycie later in the week –