one year

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I’m really having a hard time believing it’s actually been a year since this little girl has entered our lives. It’s like she knew her birthday was coming too, because this week she decided to show us a bunch of new tricks – clapping, waving, doing “so big!”, shaking rattles and toys. We’ve been trying to teach her sign language, and she has picked up on the sign for “milk.” However, it also seems to be her sign for “more,” “all done,” and just a general “gimme.” We’re working on it. She will eat pretty much anything we put in front of her and sleeps all night long (though sometimes she thinks 5am is a good time to wake up). She is generally happy and definitely a speed crawler, especially when it involves an open door or gate that should probably have been closed. She’s not really into sitting in your lap in reading books. In fact, she’s starting to get into everything, and my child-proofing doesn’t feel very child-proofed as of late. She is far more interested in any off-limits item than any toys that she has. In true one-year-old form, everything she finds goes right into her mouth. And in my mommy opinion, I don’t think she’s very close to walking. But she never ceases to surprise me, so we’ll see.

One year old birthdays feel a little more like mourning than celebrating. Mourning that my little baby isn’t such a little baby any more. I think she picked up on that too and gave me a few extra snuggles this week.

Oh, my sweet little baby. You bring joy to our lives and you keep us on our toes. I can’t wait to see who God is shaping you into. Please stop growing so fast. Love, Mom

Some pictures of our sweet little one year old:

(This didn’t make the cut for the collage but I loved it anyway)

So big!

Birthday cake!

(She really did love it, despite how this face looks)

(p.s. Isn’t this an adorable picture of my husband? :))

We were fortunate to have my sister Taryn in town for the weekend (who is my guest photographer on this post :)) and my brother Jordan and his wife Molly and daughter Emberly joined our little birthday celebration. (Yes, Emberly is sitting in our laundry basket.)

Sweet little birthday girl.

You are growing way too fast.