Day 18: celebrate!

In preparation for the Christmas season, Jordan and I have been reading God Rest Ye Merry by Doug Wilson to get some insight into what traditions we hope to build and how we will celebrate. But as he talks about celebrating Christmas, what I think we really ought to gather is that the Christian life should be one of constant celebration. The gospel is likened to this (from Isaiah 25:6-8):

“He prepares a feast of fat things, he prepares a feast of aged wines, of meat full of marrow fat, and then some more aged wines. This is the picture we are given of the gospel – not a glass of room-temperature water and a cracker…As those who have accepted this gospel, we have accepted that all of this has now been established in principle, and as we live it out in true evangelical faith, we proclaim this good news. But there must be continuity between what we are saying and how we are living. And by this, I mean much more than that our words should be true and our behavior good. I mean that our words should sound like good news and our lives should smell like good news.” (88)

This was reinforced as I was reading this morning from my Porterbrook module: “If we truly understand and believe the gospel, we should be the most celebratory people on the planet.”

I hope to share more about how we plan to do Advent this year, but in the meantime, my prayer is that “tidings of comfort and joy” that are associated with the Christmas season would be descriptive of my heart and life year round.

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