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We are in the midst of something potentially huge. Life changing. Overwhelming. It could happen, and it would shake our family to its core – turn us on our heads – hit us with things we had never even considered. My heart wells up at the thought, flows from my eyes as I laugh with joyful anticipation, making me feel a little like a crazy person. It could happen, and it could be the hardest thing I’ve ever encountered. And it could be wonderful.

Then again, it could not happen. Everything is just “if” and the “if” hangs on a lot of people’s shoulders other than mine.

Yet I rest knowing the “if” really hangs on the shoulders of my God who has proven Himself faithful.

Yes, He is faithful; I have no doubt. Even if the answer is “No.”

I don’t mean to be all mysterious, it’s just that there’s not really anything to share quite yet. Or maybe ever. But all of this possibility in the air has me thinking about this idea of capacity once again, knowing that I have none. But also knowing that, even when I have poured out all that I have, Jesus looks at me and says, “You give them something to eat.”

But He never leaves me hanging. Somehow, He takes what little I have and makes it enough.

My sister Taryn wrote this poem based on the words of Paul. He knew the grace that I am begging for tonight. And my sister must too, because she captured it so beautifully.

Let this be an exhortation to all of us who are weary, faced only with what seems ridiculous and overwhelming and contrary to all reason and beyond our feasible capacity. Because I think when God calls us to do the impossible, what He’s really saying is “Watch me work.”

Grace be with you
May the grace I have received
Also be with you
The grace for which I
Am in chains – for which I have been beaten
The mighty grace for which
I will soon lose my head
May it wash over you
May it embolden you
Because the reality of this grace
Is it will put words
On your tongue you would
Never dare speak
And then you will speak them
It will make your heart beat
Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an
Undying love
And will die before letting it go
Grace to those whose eyes are fixed on who comes next
Whose bodies are their slaves
Whose legs run the race they’ve been called to
Grace to you
The grace that flows inexplicably as you reach toward the poor
From your face as you stand firm among mockers
From your heart as you realize they just don’t see yet
As it breaks to show them
Grace to you whose only certainty is the God who calls you to watch him do the impossible
Whether you are well-fed or hungry
May your life be impossible.

Poem by Taryn Phaneuf

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  1. Impossible life has been the theme for our little life as well. Thanks for sharing…this poem still gives me chills.