10 months

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I can’t believe that’s really true. 10 months??!!

We skipped the 9/10 month check-up, so we don’t have official stats. Adrienne is wearing 12 month clothes and wearing out the knees as she speed-crawls everywhere. I think the crawling officially started just before 9 months, but the backwards scoot has been going on for quite some time. Our lives have changed drastically over the past few months as she’s become more and more mobile. If I leave our bedroom door open, we will find her moments later sitting in our shower. If I leave the bookshelf accessible, it will quickly be unloaded. She has managed to begin climbing the stairs and pulls herself to standing on anything possible. Needless to say, we’ve installed lots of child gates. She is smiley and chatty, until about 5pm when she melts into a puddle of inconsolable fussing. Technically, there probably aren’t discernible words, but I swear she says, “Hi,” “Dad-da” and “Ya-ya” (which I am pretty sure means Hadley). 🙂 She skipped baby food and prefers anything we’re eating to anything else I offer her. Yogurt is a new favorite, along with peas (gross) and green beans. She’s got two teeth on the bottom, two on the top, and two more on the top making their way through. She is way-too-quickly progressing from infant to toddler. And I am in denial. Definite perk, however, is the sleep we’re getting these days.

I was determined to take some pictures today on the official 10-month mark, but of course didn’t, so instead you get these from a few weeks ago: