6 months

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Adrienne has passed the six month point. It came and went way too fast. I don’t have any stats because I belatedly scheduled her 6-month check, making it more like an 8-month one. But here’s what I do know:

– She’s really, really cute.
– She’s started yelling “da-da-da-da” and “ba-ba-ba-ba” at the top of her lungs, among intermittent high-pitched shrieks.
– She goes in and out of good sleep. Lately it’s been rough, but then she’ll surprise us and sleep through the whole night. Though bedtime just jumped from 10 or 11 to 6 or 7. I’m a fan of that.
– Hadley is still her favorite person and can almost always bring out a smile or laugh even when she’ll only stare blankly at Jordan and I.
– We tried introducing a few solids and she mostly gags but we’re making progress.
– I don’t remember when exactly but sometime in the past month she rolled from back to front. (She rolled front to back around 4 months.)

I’m sure there are other baby things I should be remembering. But for now, pictures!

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  1. She’s pretty special. 🙂