in the temple

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I mentioned this already, but if you are up for watching even just one talk from The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference, watch this one. It will bless you, in a kick-your-butt sort of way. And it will leave you in awe of God and the beautiful story that spans the whole Bible. It’s a must-see. Not to be all bossy and everything, but after you put the kids to bed, watch it. Seriously.

In the Temple: The Glorious and Forgiving God (1 Kings 8 ) – Paige Benton Brown from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

I am pumped that all of the audio/video is up from the conference now.  The plenaries were all incredible, and there were lots of workshops I would have attended if I had gotten the chance, and I fully intend to catch them now.

Just thought I’d share!