rainy day

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…with nothing to show for it.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  We do have clean clothes.  We didn’t this morning, otherwise I might have packed up the girls and headed to the mall just to get out of the house.  But, alas, Hadley was out of pants and Adrienne is on day #2 of the same onesie and I was out of pretty much everything, so I figured I’d better buckle down and do some laundry.  But that’s about it.  These rainclouds zapped any semblance of energy I had and apparently also compelled me to snack all day long.

I sent Hadley up to play and she came down looking like this:

It prompted a little photoshoot.  She has this new thing where she insists on smiling with her lips closed when I take a picture.  It’s all my fault because I once commented that I like big smiles the best, and my little rebel determined then and there that from this day forth she would smile with her lips closed.  (Anyone who doesn’t believe in sin nature seriously must not have children.)  I’d like to think I won the battle with these:

Adrienne woke up all smiles and coos and managed 3 poopy diapers today, which is a pretty massive victory for my once-a-week girl.  (Overshare?)

Jordan surprised us by coming home a little early and got some coos of his own.

Was this a blog about nothing?

At least there are cute pictures.

Rain, rain, go away.