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The hard drive of my desktop computer crashed yesterday.  It’s really unfortunate and likely expensive.  But the reason I’m not totally a puddle on the floor is because I have learned my lesson and have functional backups!  So to celebrate, a post of pictures that did not get lost. 🙂

Jordan’s parents and brother Nathan came to meet Adrienne – I can’t believe how tiny she still looks in this picture.  She’s now 3 months old and must be over 12 lbs.

The first six weeks of her life consisted of more sleeping than I realized was possible for a baby.  But she’s gradually increased her awake time during the day and gives us the occasional good night’s sleep.  She smiles and coos when she’s not making up for all the yelling she didn’t do the first several weeks of her life.  I can’t believe I don’t have a more recent bright-eyed picture uploaded yet.  Sometime soon.

Winter was brief this year, which was nice for us in our new out-of-town home.  I’m sure Jordan would have enjoyed getting to use our snow blower a few more times, but I appreciated never feeling stranded.  We had some crazy fog that left sweet ice on all of our trees. (I never would have thought I’d say this, but I love looking out my front window and just seeing a big open field!)

I still haven’t written about Lily.  More on pets later.  But here’s our sweet (albeit crazy) not-so-small puppy:

Who most often looks like this when we try to take her out!  We’ve signed up for obedience training starting at the end of April and are hopeful this will improve…

We had maybe two days of lots of snow (which is relative – look at that grass in the background!) and not freezing cold, so we went out and made Hadley’s very first snow man and snow fort.  She didn’t believe me that we were going to make a house in the snow, but I think she was relatively impressed. 🙂

One of our melting snow days, and a good view of our house!  Jordan replaced the front doors which was a major project and looks SO much better (and keeps it from being as cold inside as it is outside).

Adrienne wasn’t thrilled by this snowsuit…

but was happy as long as someone was pushing her around.  Good big sister. 🙂

Before Adrienne was born, my mom and I found these cute (and mildly ridiculous) matching zebra print pajamas.  And since they’ve arrived, so has “Zebra Girl!”  Hadley refers to herself as Zebra Girl and makes statements like, “Zebra girl doesn’t walk anywhere.  She skates.”

We were hard-pressed for things to do when it was cold so we made some accessories for Sarah the doll.  I’m pretty proud of these. 🙂  Sarah has butterfly wings and a crown to be able to play dress-up with Hadley.

We’ve also discovered “Topic Totes for Tots” and the Fargo Library.  It’s a tote of 10 books centered on a certain topic.  They are usually pretty picked over, so the first one we brought home was on…Cows.  They include an activity sheet in the bin with some ideas and so we went ahead and made some cow puppets.

and put on a puppet show for our audience:

The best part about Hadley’s puppet show was probably the attack of Oreo the cat…

The next tote was on camping, so we went outside and made a tent on one of the beautiful spring days:

Last week, we went to the library and I had the intention of either finding a “topic tote” on birds or just find a variety of books about birds.  We’re planning to put up some bird feeders/houses to give us something fun to observe and learn about in our front yard.  Once we got to the topic tote section, however, I knew we were doomed – there was a GIANT topic tote on PRINCESSES.  So yes, we came home with a box of 17 princess books.  And one book about birds.  But we took a field trip out to Grandma Cleo’s and observed all her feathered visitors and came home with a bunch of information so I guess that’s a start. 🙂

We’ve also created our treasure chest from this memory verse unit and just completed memorizing 1 John 2:15-17.  As an illustration of the idea of the world passing away and the person who does the will of God abiding forever (vs. 17), Lisa suggests using two helium balloons – popping one that represents the world and its desires, and letting the other one float away as a representation of abiding forever.  Well.  I have had a terrible time coming up with helium balloons, and it is time to move on to the next verse.  So I decided it was a windy day and that the helium wouldn’t matter.  So I took Hadley outside with two balloons and we practiced our verses.  When we got to verse 17, we talked about it a bit and then I began the illustration.  She joyfully popped the balloon representing the world and its desires, and then she let the other one blow in the wind.  First, it got stuck on our fence.  Then, it bounced across the road sweetly and we watched in awe until…it popped in the field across the street.  We decided we could just use our imaginations. 🙂

Yesterday, Jordan blessed me with a morning alone and allowed us to have a baby-sitter come and hang out with the girls for a few hours.  We are so excited to have discovered a sweet high school neighbor girl who did a wonderful job.  And I went to the library and sat in a big conference room with beautiful, bright windows and had an uninterrupted quiet time.  For a few hours.  I came home a new woman.

So yesterday afternoon I instituted “active time.”  Because, seriously, we are all SO out of shape and lazy.  It’s a problem.  And it’s beautiful outside so there is just no reason to not be out there enjoying it, especially after such an energizing morning.  So I set the timer for 20 minutes and determined that we would somehow be moving for that entire time.  Adrienne obliged by sitting sweetly in the stroller and watching Hadley and Mommy run and bounce and flap around like crazy people.  It was probably quite the sight to anyone passing by, but we had a great time and got in a solid 20 minutes of cardio.  I’m even a little sore today. 🙂

I think those are all my random reports for the day.  I need to upload more recent pictures.  Maybe the sun will inspire me.  For now, we’re going to go play in it.

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  1. Oops, sorry the balloon thing didn’t work out. I love the doll wings. My girls are going to love making these. Hadley looks very pleased with hers!