is it Monday yet?

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I need a redo on the past few days. After a couple of nights of up-every-2-hours with Adrienne, I was seriously on the verge of a meltdown yesterday. Then she decided it would be nice to give Mommy a break and woke up only once, giving me two glorious stretches of uninterrupted sleep (though restless and filled with crazy dreams. I blame the sleep deficit I accumulated over the previous nights).

Anyway. Today was a brand new day, and yet it is dwindling away without anything to show for it. I’m still in sweatpants. (Showered, at least, but back in sweatpants.) Hadley spent the entire morning cleaning her room. (Before you give me the Mean Mom award, she was having the same kind of day as me, and took all morning because she was getting distracted by every toy she put away. And I was not there barking orders, I just let her do her thing, which meant she took all morning. And even had fun doing it.) And now, after a short nap on the couch (which I can hardly say I earned), I am warming up my coffee and eating peanut butter cups. Not my brightest shining day.

All my “systems” have fallen apart since this sleep deprivation has truly settled in, and now we live in a house without clean clothes or clean floors or clean anything. This post-pregnancy weight is really starting to get on my nerves, but not so much that these peanut butter cups aren’t still delicious and exercise is only motivating if the sun is beckoning me outside. Hadley and I have had some really good days despite all of the above, but then we come to a day like today where I sneak around downstairs trying not to interrupt her sweet play by herself.

When my brother and I lived together, we were all about the fresh start. Usually they were diet and exercise related fresh starts. And they could only happen on Mondays. So here it would be, Friday afternoon, and we’re sitting on the couch thinking we’re so fat and lazy, it’s time to start a new system. So we’d talk about our system and get it all figured out, and then we’d go order pizza because, well, it’s Friday! You have to wait to start something like that on a Monday. Everyone knows that. (Just ask our now-spouses. They’re very familiar with this theory.)

But I’m going to surprise everyone and just say (gasp!) I’m not waiting til Monday. I’m going to step away from the computer, turn it OFF, put down the coffee and peanut butter cups (well, maybe I’ll finish those), and clean something. Or exercise. Or play house. I’m going to do SOMETHING.  I’d rather reclaim the weekend than mope though it. And I’m writing about it because at least there’s some accountability in that.

I am not ordering pizza tonight.

I’m making my own. 🙂

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  1. Kayla G

    That’s how we do it in our family, it never fails. Anytime we have supper with my parents and siblings, someone let’s it slip that they will ‘start Monday.’ David never understood it… now it’s become his own excuse 🙂 Have a great weekend, enjoy the last of your pb cups and I like to tell myself now, “Any thing I do off of the couch is lapping those who are still on the couch.” I guess a little ‘something is better than nothing’ attitude. 🙂

    Sending love to your awesome family!


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