the best form of flattery?

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They say imitation is the best form of flattery, right?  So speaking of blogs.  I have taken on a few projects inspired by the brilliant work of other people.

My SuperMom friend Michelle is one of those incredibly organized women who has wonderful systems in place so that her family’s life is always in order and I dare say she is never one to be frantically searching through the house for her keys. 🙂  I’m so blessed to have friends like this.  She has helped me more than once to bring order to the chaos that was my desk, Hadley’s room, our closets…  So.  These two projects were shamelessly stolen from Michelle, and they’ve made meal planning and cooking much easier (therefore more fun!).

First, I organized my recipes like this, all in one binder.  No more digging through a bajillion cookbooks and cardholders.  If I find a recipe I want to try, I stick it in the divider pocket until there’s time.  If we try it and will eat it again, it goes in the binder.  The recipes are in page-protectors, so I use a magnet clip to the stove hood or fridge as I’m cooking.  Mine’s not as pretty as Michelle’s 🙂 , but it’s simple and I like it.

This one has been really fun – a meal-planning calendar.  Often I will ask Jordan what he wants me to make, and he’s at a loss.  He needs to see some choices.  So here we have it – choices!  All of our regular meals are on magnets and can be put on the calendar for the month.  I made some “New Recipe” pins too so we still have some freedom to be adventurous. 🙂  But this has helped me to look more than a week ahead, and to get some family participation in choosing meals.

I’m a freak.  But I’m okay with that. 🙂

I also embarked on hair accessories last night.  It wasn’t a total disaster, likely because it only involved some fabric and a hotglue gun and some easy-enough-for-people-like-me tutorials here.  I’m not exactly crafty, but after seeing so many adorable hairpieces at the Unglued Craft Fest a couple of weeks ago and knowing that I could buy the supplies to make 50 for the price I would pay for 1, I thought I’d at least better give it a shot.  You’ll know how it went if they show up in pictures one of these days.

On a different note, I just picked up all the supplies to start this memory verse unit with Hadley.  We’re going to start by finding all of the “treasures” and their corresponding verses in a treasure hunt tomorrow night, and then go through one verse in detail each week.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ll let you know how it goes.