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I decided my blog needed a makeover.  My photography site was so fun and bright and pretty and my last blog was so…gray.  So here it is!  With an explanation here.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about blogging.  When I give advanced photography workshops, I tell aspiring photographers to never ever ever look at blogs that make them leave saying to themselves, “I suck.”  I tell them to fill their blogroll with sites that are inspiring and refreshing and make them want to go out and photograph, not ones that make them want to sell their camera on ebay and throw away all of their ambitions.  They are usually surprised to hear that I don’t follow my competition.  While some may say that’s a business necessity, I disagree.  I see only sense in following people that make me excited about my work and getting better, and as talented as many other Fargo-Moorhead photographers are, knowing that we compete takes away the inspiration.

Ironically, blogging in general isn’t much different.  There are a bajillion blogs out there on the subject of following Jesus, reading, being a wife, mom, homemaker, etc.  And some are wonderful.  (The list of what I read is found to the right.)  But many just make me feel like a total failure because I cannot fathom that I will ever have the time, money, interest, etc. to accomplish all that they seem to in a day.

I became temporarily consumed with a blog of a young woman this week.  She wrote beautifully and candidly; she expressed her freedom from her past in a way that was compelling and clearly drew a vast audience.  I was instantly envious of her ministry.  But I was also frustrated by it.  While she shared so honestly about her past, she didn’t offer truth in exchange.  She preached a false gospel and women were flocking to it.  As a woman sharing a similar history, I was heartbroken.  And instantly discontent with the little ministry in front of me in the form of a 4-year-old and 2-month-old.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t read things that challenge us or with which we disagree.  I want my thinking to be questioned and I want to be called on the carpet for my sin.  And I’m so thankful for the opportunities I have to learn from other women through the blogosphere.  I’m just saying that there’s only so much time in a day, and I’m challenging myself to spend it on things that encourage me to follow Jesus closely, to love my husband more, to serve my family better, and not to feel the pressure to be SuperMom.

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  1. I am so very happy that you are back to writing–it’s nice to have another Mom out there with two girls that can relate to the ups and downs of it all. And besides that, I am so blessed by the words that you share through this blog! There are so many times that I finish reading one of your posts and just feel refreshed–encouraged in this journey of motherhood, of Christianity. So, I don’t know what that other woman’s blog was like, but just know that whether or not anyone comments or follows, your ministry is simply living your life in pursuit of our Savior, imperfect, flawed and completely relate-able. 🙂