Family Picture Outtakes

My sister, Taryn, is in town this weekend so we took advantage and had her attempt to get a family photo for a potential Christmas card, before I’m ginormous and unwilling to be anywhere except behind the camera.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m already well on my way to ginormous, especially with the recent addition of a bowl of chocolate ice cream (+ giant scoop of peanut butter) every night before bed, but I like to think not quite there yet.

So.  There were cute ones.  A few.  Maybe even Christmas-card-worthy.  But for starters, you should really just see the chaos involved when you add a puppy and five kittens to the mix:

The animals were not interested.  More on them later.

But can I just point out the wonderful scenery that is our yard?  Nevermind the weeds – they give it character.  Just appreciate the sunset with me.