No, it’s not a typo.  It’s what Hadley has announced to everyone we pass in a gas station or restaurant, every friend we’ve visited.

“We’re on bacation.”

And it’s been wonderful.  Too much time visiting, not enough time relaxing, but mountains and monuments and good food and people we love.  And as it nears its end, I’m not sure I’m ready to come home.  If there wasn’t a new baby niece waiting for her auntie to come snuggle, that is. 🙂

I’m sure there will be lots to reflect on from this trip.  Jordan and I have never spent two weeks of totally uninterrupted time together.  We’ve never had 16 concentrated hours in the car where we could just…talk.  (Or argue.)  We’ve had so much we’ve wanted to process without ever enough time to sit down and talk it through.  So we’ve argued.  And we’ve had breakthroughs.  It’s been fun and challenging and good for all of us.

More on the breakthroughs later.

So many fun pictures and videos to share but for now, here’s one with our friends at our first stop (Gretna, VA with the Fuhrmanns) and a couple more from the trip:

In Kentucky now – back late Saturday!