5 months

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It’s August 12th.  I was married on March 12th.  Jordan and I have officially been married for five months.

Does it make me a bad wife if I confess that this is the first “anniversary” I’ve noticed?  I know there are couples who celebrate every day or week or month or whatever of marital bliss that first year, but the thing is, we’ve had a few things going on.

For starters, I’ve shot nine weddings since our March wedding.  That’s at least 25,000 pictures that have graced my computer screen.  Praise God for Emily the Intern or I’d likely be writing that through tears.  Jordan has stepped into a new concentration at work which demands lots of brain power and the occasional extra hours.  We celebrated an immediate pregnancy, grieved a painful miscarriage, and celebrated again, only to embrace the world of my crazy hormones and desperate need for sleep.  We moved.  Oh yeah, we moved!  Which meant, you know, moving everything, on top of packing, and unpacking, painting, organizing, cleaning, learning how to care for 2.5 acres of grass all while prepping a rental property.  And since sort of settling in our new Glyndon home, we’ve had virtually nonstop visitors (which we LOVE).  And then there’s Hadley, otherwise known as Ball of Energy From Dawn Til Dusk.  And her adoption.  And you know, learning how to be parents together.  And somewhere in there, we became drivers of a mini-van.

Like I said – a few things.

So yesterday, when I sat down with a new friend and told her about my husband, and how he won me over 😉 , I was struck by something I don’t spend enough time reflecting on: I love that man.  I know we are quick to tell you that marriage is hard (I believe Jordan always chooses the word “sanctifying,” which always makes me wonder if my feelings should be hurt until I realize that the sanctifying is most certainly mutual), but man, it’s good.  It was so sweet to get to start way at the beginning of the story where God taught me what it meant to be loved and pursued and protected by a man, and he showed me through this man.  My husband.

My husband has started making me coffee in the morning.  He, like me, is not a morning person, nor does he drink coffee.  But rather than irritably demanding I get out of bed too, he has breakfast with Hadley and sweetly woos me out of bed with a cup of coffee.

It may seem small and insignificant to you, but it is just one of many ways I am reminded what a blessing this man is to me.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

(As an aside, I’m really working on getting out of bed earlier.)

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