From my heart to my feet.

I came to blog today and stumbled across this draft I apparently didn’t finish or post, but it’s still good and relevant stuff, so instead of writing something new, I’ll go with the old – here’s April 13th revisited:


Every time I attempt to blog, I’m determined that it’s a blog revival.  But I have yet to learn the art of balance, and so instead it seems when one area of my life is deemed successful, every other area is complete failure.  Like this week.  I’m editing pictures like a crazy woman.  My business is in full swing.  But I haven’t washed a single dish since Sunday and we’re all running out of clean underwear.  So you know.

Anyway.  Every once in awhile, something creeps up that seems worth writing about.

During our “family time,” we’ve been memorizing 1 Thessalonians 5:16: “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; give thanks in all circumstances.  For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  One morning, as we talked through what those words meant, Hadley responded to one of Jordan’s questions, “but I can’t.”

I froze.
Jordan didn’t.

“You’re right; we can’t,” he responded gently, “but Jesus can.  And he’ll help us if we just ask him.”  So we asked him.

{{{Sigh.  I love my husband.}}}

Yesterday as we were driving in the car, Hadley was talking about how Millie (her carebear who has somehow unquestionably become an active member of our family) has to obey her, because she’s Millie’s mommy.  But then she sighed, “Sometimes she doesn’t obey and she has to get a consequence.  It’s really hard to obey mommies.”  I smiled and sympathized, “It’s really hard for mommies to obey God, too.  Maybe we should ask God for help.”  So together, as we drove down the road, we told God how hard it is to obey him, and how much we needed his help.

These moments have been so sweet, and I pray that the truth of the Gospel sinks deeply into Hadley’s soul, that she will learn not to obey out of her own strength but out of a deep understanding of her inadequacy, and an unwavering reliance on Jesus.

This isn’t an excuse for her to not obey, though.  She can’t just look up at me and say, “I can’t,” as I’ve so often thrown my hands in the air at God and said, “I give up.”

So we started memorizing Psalm 119:11 as the “how”: “I have stored up your words in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

As the truth of who God is sinks into our hearts, it can direct our feet down the path of obedience.  And some {{most}} days, when our hearts fail us, the Spirit can move our feet anyway.

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