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I haven’t been feeling especially “deep” as of late.  Mostly I’m just kind of trying to survive.  And – most days – hanging out with Hadley is making that much easier.  So, in the absence of something profound and interesting to discuss, I’ll just show you what our days look like lately:

We paint…a lot:

(here’s Hadley wishing I would put my camera away so we could actually paint)

Our impressive finished products:

Sometimes we just resort to crayons:

We take lots of pictures:

Especially of Hadley’s baby:

This is my favorite.

So today, Hadley and I were eating lunch on the couch, and she decided she should sit at her own table:

But then she noticed I was spying on her, so she moved her table and chairs over behind me:

Of course I proceeded to try to get her to sit in that chair and take a picture, but she needed to take a picture of her baby instead:

Then, I was still in her way, so she moved everything into the bathroom.  Yes.  The bathroom.

But with a face like this, wouldn’t you just smile too?

I promise something deep and meaningful this week.

By the way, Hadley does occasionally wear clothes.  Just apparently not when I have my camera out.

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  1. Angie Winders

    I love this.