I’m Not Funny.

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I don’t have a great sense of humor.  I laugh a lot, of course – Hadley and I sat and giggled all through dinner last night for no apparent reason while my sisters looked on in disbelief.  But when it comes to the kinds of things other people think are funny, I’m usually at a loss.  This doesn’t go well for me when I’ve got my camera up in a couple’s face and I’m telling them to be natural and adorable.  The perfect opportunity to crack a joke, and I’ve got nothing.

So last night I tried to watch Funny People, to assist in my comedic education.  Problem is, I’ve never really been able to enjoy these kinds of movies.  After watching Wedding Crashers, my (now)ex-boyfriend was appalled that instead of finding it hilarious, I was offended by the way women were simply objects throughout the movie.  I’ve started the “classics,” like Dumb and Dumber, but I end up going to sleep or turning them off because they are just so…stupid.  And stupid isn’t funny to me.  Neither is crude or offensive, which rules out pretty much any comedian.  I turned Funny People off after twenty minutes.

Trying to prove that I do in fact have some comedy in my life, I raided my movie collection.  I’m not sure if these all are necessarily considered comedies, but they’re the only movies I own that are on the lighter end of things (and I own a lot of movies):

Stranger Than Fiction

Love Actually

Little Miss Sunshine

I’m sure I’ve seen more comedies than this, but these are the only ones I deemed worthy of owning.

So the point is this – rather than relying on the hope that I will marry someone who can make me laugh, I would like to expand my comedic awareness.

Or – more simply – I want to laugh more!


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  1. Napoleon Dynamite. I still laugh out loud every time I even think about that movie… Have you seen it?

  2. Check out It’s Complicated. I was “baha” laughing in the theater along with everyone else. In fact, so many people in the audience were laughing that I missed parts of the dialogue. I haven’t experience laughter like that at a movie in a long time!