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Okay, the fine print:


I have just started a job as a Case Manager with New American Services (of Lutheran Social Services).  I get to work with refugee families as they go through the process of resettling in the U.S.  That means setting up apartments, picking them up from the airport, taking them to appointments, helping them find work, school, childcare, etc.  Everything to help them make Fargo their home and become self-sufficient.  So far, I love every freaking minute of it.  This is the first week in the last two years where I have actually enjoyed living in Fargo.  Besides working within a diverse community of people from literally all over the world, I am doing work that I believe in and enjoy.  Every day is different and amazing.  

I have also begun my Masters in Mental Health Counseling (online with Capella University).  I was (am?) a little leary of online education, but the program is fully accredited and it’s actually forcing me to be more participatory than I might be in a real-life classroom.  Hey.  It’s progress.  And it neither forces me to leave nor forces me to stay, so I’ll take it.

Hadley is, well, adorable.


She’s 16 months old in all her glory and full of hugs and kisses and songs and stories.  I love being her mom.

But today we went for birthday lunch with my family to Texas Roadhouse.  Nearing the end of our meal, I picked up Hadley to hold her in my lap since she was getting a bit restless, only for my hand to touch something slimy along her backside.  Blow.  Out.  Diaper.  In horror, I yelled for my mom to meet me in the bathroom and my sister followed.  I held my poor, terrified, daughter up while Auntie and Grandma stripped her down and scraped the disgusting mess from her legs, back, and hair.  Nearly in tears myself, I redressed her, grabbed my stuff, and left my birthday lunch early.  What a disaster.  Sometimes I sincerely doubt my ability to do this.

I’m photographing my first official Hadley Photography wedding this weekend and I’m fluctuating between utter excitement and complete terror.

I’m hiring my sister’s boyfriend to put a garden in front of my house.  I don’t know the first thing about gardens.  And I’ve never owned a plant that I haven’t killed.  But people can change.  And flowers are pretty.

In the last two weeks, I fell victim to an ebay scam that cost me $600 and I had to get all new tires for my car – another $600.  So I’m broke and a little cranky.  

I have officially finished Breaking Free.  My first fully completed bible study ever.  I feel like a new woman.  Now I’m going to try a chronological read-through of the Bible…so far I’m on Genesis 3.

Well, that’s my post of randoms.  Tomorrow I turn 24 and I find it mildly depressing.  Birthdays seem a bit overrated.  When I was little and my family was living here in North Dakota, I used to ask my mom relentlessly, “When’s my birthday again??”  She would patiently tell me: “When all the leaves are on the trees.”  Well, I am looking out my window and I have to say, my mom was totally lying.

Someone remind me that 24 is actually quite young, that I have my life ahead of me, that I won’t be alone forever, and that my life has recently begun moving in the direction of my dreams.

Oh, and remind me that Asraa is making me a birthday cake.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA! Congratulations on your exciting new career and the next step in your education! Best of luck with the wedding photos! Here’s hoping you develop a green thumb! And you are a fantastic mom!

    Wow… There’s so much excitement in your life right now, so many blessings. Enjoy it all–the ups and downs, the moving forward while staying put (for now). You are lovely and life is good. 🙂

  2. The job sounds amazing! Congrats again. 😀

    Sounds like you’ve been extra busy. You’ll have to take some time out and escape life (if only for an hour) once we get to grand forks. I don’t know if I have poop on my floor.